Food & Livestock


Livestock Management has been designed to respond to today´s challenges of Food Industry


Food safety has become a critical priority for the supply chain. Food Industry is all over the world. Producers and intermediaries are difficult to identify and track, creating uncertainty and risk. Mitigating this uncertainty becomes a cost, and it is still insufficient.


These issues often have effects on public health and in the environment. Food Safety has become a critical priority for the supply chain.


The key, is to provide an effective and cost-efficient traceability system accurately pinpoint any problem in food safety. This can only be done through Blockchain. Making it very difficult to falsify or misrepresent conditions in production.


Time and location cannot be manipulated since it is recorded in the blockchain. 


Tracking of food volumes in the supply chain. 


The benefit of BlockChain is that no central party needs to be trusted in getting all the data, while volumes are transparent for everyone in the chain.


Tracking of food items in the supply chain: BlockChain enables to track a package of food, any item to which you can put a unique identifier, as well as regulating who gets access to information and identities behind each product