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  • How is the self-service procedure to auto-provide Sectorial Solutions?

    It is a very fast and very simple process! You can access the tab of the Solution you choose to deepen details of its scope, advantages and benefits... or directly customize it according to your needs and hire it... nothing else! 


  • When will I have availability of the Sectorial Solution that I have auto-provided?

    Immediately! In the next 30 seconds after completing the Self-Service process, you will receive an email notifying you that you can access and enjoy the Sectorial Solution you have auto-provided

  • What own technological infrastructure do I need to use any Sectorial Solution?

    Having an Internet connection and a Web browser on your computer, just that ... ChainMaker takes care of everything else

  • How do I access to Sectorial Solution that I have auto-provided?

    When you log in to the Platform you will have your own DashBoard available where you will find all the ChainMaker Solutions you have hired... and from there you can access any of them 


  • How do I hire a ChainMaker Service?

    Also very simply ... Select the service (s) you need and fill out the Request Form indicating the scope of your needs. We will immediately contact you to develop a plan to YOUR MEASURE, with which you resolve all your concerns and feel comfortable


  • Can I scale and descale any ChainMaker Services?

    Without a doubt!! That's exactly what it is ... Our philosophy is to accompany you throughout the life cycle of your Projects, in your peaks and in your valleys, therefore, you can increase or decrease ChainMaker Services as your Business moves

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