Services eCosystem



ChainMaker 3S eCosystem is built around the policies, rules and trust agreements among its members to jointly product, offer and consume “the things as a service” promoting “new business models” and “value networks constellations” under the principle “self-service and pay only for that you consume".


ChainMaker 3S eCosystem is designed and oriented to allow the interaction between members in a auto-self-management environment promoting new user communities and new ways of relationship transcending today´s existing traditional boundaries



Our users can navigate throughout our Services Catalogue, inspect, select any service, define the scope of their needs and inmediately auto-provide, on a very quick and simple process.


Immediately after having completed the auto-provision, users will have a securized, private and completely dedicated environment, denominated MyOwnSite, in which they can manage all selected apps and services through a personalized DashBoard, accesible in a multi-device way.

ChainMaker promotes the integration of third party services, attracting new talents, and synergic partnerships, co-creating or adding new services to be published on 3S eCosystem.