Fundraising through ICO


ChainMaker Fundraising covers all stages of tokenization procedure and provides the entire process management reducing costs drastically, both, ICO deployment and TOKEN launching


One of the elements that has been acquiring greater importance, both in the creation of companies and in the undertaking of projects, is attracting investment through alternative means. In this context, BlockChain appears as a new model of business development, based on "tokenization", and in this sense, ICOs emerge as an innovative, flexible and direct instrument.


ChainMaker provides all the elements so that fundraising through an ICO is effective, facilitating all the actions to access to this possibility of financing.


The requirements of a typical deployment are:


(a) Preparation: In this phase, the necessary issues are identified to start working.


Whitepaper or Technical document: A proper elaboration reinforces the message and clarifies potential investors, explaining objective and missions. 


Legal: Support on the ICO Location (most favorable jurisdiction) up to control over the admitted investors (KYC and AML), going through the decission of the company / foundation on which it will be assembled.


Website Deployment: Indispensable to convey the seriousness of the project.


(b) ICO/Token Launch: In this phase, the development and technical / technological deployment on the underlying infrastructure BlockChain is launched

Development TOKEN: Without TOKEN, there is no possibility of launching an ICO.


Smart Contract Development: It defines the business rules and, allows to change ETH or BTC or FIAT money for the TOKEN.


Technical audit: Guarantee that both, TOKEN and Smart Contract are developed correctly and that there isn't user malpractice.


Marketing - (+ bounties and airdrop): Content creation, ads on networks, community maintenance, etc. Complemented with rewards in TOKENS for agents that promote and viralize the project and promote it in their own networks


(c) Post-ICO: Once the launching process and the subscription has been satisfactory and the TOKEN is distributed among investors without problems. 


Investor DashBoard: A system to transfer funds will be needed, as to comply with offered expectations, managing the transfer of funds within the legal framework