To whom is oriented?

For those who are threatening to overcome basic requirements to constitute a tokenization process, needing that support.


A deep technological update is required to integrate and interoperate with new models that, although still incipient -such as BlockChain-, it's clear they are setting trends for the near future.


The scope of the Model is oriented to solve Organizations needs, such as financing their project through an ICO, and how to offer their TOKEN. The integral process is solved in three well-defined phases being covered by the Model in an efficient way:




Providing ICO Deployment and TOKENs offering 


From the raising of funds to an ICO to be effective, many actions with high costs are required. Our service aims to minimize the cost before and after launch, drastically reducing the initial investment and, making it accessible for organizations -and entrepreneurs- that face this barrier.





Providing SiteBuider, Content Management, IAMaas and Backend Platform 


We provide a framework capable of managing Presentation Layers, Content Management and a BackEnd Platform to manage business processes.


Likewise, ChainMaker provides a powerful Identity Manager allowing to deploy an integral management of your Authorization, Authentication and SingleSign ON strategy.






Providing Project Manager Platform 


It provides a Project Manager capable of managing, monitoring and controlling his Business CORE activities.