All stakeholders will be identified, authenticated and authorized, everyone will know who are the people who provide services and the people who consume and pay for them

You will never walk alone, we are with you

interoperability and identity management

It´s imperative that the Information and Management Systems that we manage have the ability to obtain information from different sources through the interfaces they publish, although it is even more significant that our Information and Management Systems structure the information in such a way that can be interpreted by third parties who need to connect with us in an organized and secure way

In this context, it is essential to have Identity Management supported by Industry standards, capable of managing the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting process in a transparent way, managing the request / token / secure session rules until the request is fully satisfied and that the trust relationship is resolved before allowing the requesting party to access the services; therefore determining their ability to consume resources, repositories and applications, based on the identification of profiles, roles, attributions and rules


Likewise, it must administer the SINGLE SIGN ON concept, guaranteeing that access to all services is resolved without having to identify yourself again each time a different service is required; offering the possibility of relying on other reference accounts in which the user has previously registered: Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google...



ChainMaker, through its IAMaaS Platform, solves the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting process transparently, managing the request / token / secure session rules until the trust relationship is fully satisfied before allowing the requesting party to access





ChainMaker IAMaaS is an architecture that in practice will result in a very complete suite that will represent a new generation in Identity Management / Federation and Service Integration, able to supporting the demands of an increasingly intelligent, efficient market and integrated in a globalized context and therefore demanding of processes that guarantee the reliability of its interlocutors


digital signing of critical documents

Integration of the management and electronic signature of documents in business processes offers hugh advantages and benefits, both at an economic, operational and sustainability level, which translates into a comprehensive optimization of the user experience

Advanced electronic signing offers hugh advantages, among the most outstanding: 


Greater security and integrity of documents: because the content of the signed electronic document cannot be altered, therefore its authentication and the identity of the signer are guaranteed, 


Confidentiality guarantee: because content of the message will only be known by those who are authorized to do so, 


Paperless environment: because This implies a decrease in data storage (physical space) and reduction of expenses in file management procedures 


Decreased time in the execution of processes avoiding queues and significantly reducing manual procedures: because the processes and flows of operations that involve the signing and management of documents are automated, greatly simplifying not only the procedure itself, but also transport and distribution


ChainMaker has integrated the most prestigious Electronic Document Management and Signature Platform in the world to secure all your transactions


markets creation and management environment

It´s has been designed and oriented to allow interaction between suppliers and consumers in a private, safe, friendly and resilient self-management environment

It promotes new communities and new forms of relationship without limits, authentic "Value Networks" that integrate consumers, entrepreneurs, service providers, mentors, public organizations, investors, financial entities... where each of its members can adopt as many roles as want in the virtual organization frame and operate according to your need


Nothing will prevent any of the participants from acquiring products, services or applications and, at the same time, will offer their own products, services and applications


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Smart Markets - Main Features
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ChainMaker Smart Makets Model is based on the principle of offering the "things as a service" under the premise "self-service and pay-as-you-go"


All this within the framework of a very fast and simple process, whose fundamental characteristic is the immediacy of access to the service without requiring the assistance of computer specialists, nor tedious installations, nor deployment costs, nor licensing costs, nor any other hidden cost


Immediately after completing the self-provisioning, users will have at their disposal a secure, private and completely dedicated environment, in which they can consume and manage all self-provisioned services and applications through a personalized DashBoard, accessible from any device


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Other Services
Development of Territories and Economic Sectors

Oriented to the deployment of platforms and infrastructures under Cloud Computing philosophy and supply of digital services for institutions, companies and citizens, promoting new forms of organization and collaboration


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Diseñamos y administramos todo el ecosistema digital de tu marca manteniendo un mismo criterio de comunicación.

Elastic Structure
Component Oriented
Native Identity Management
Customizable Behavior

Platform will allow to create, design and configure general structure and the particular structures of Market

ADMIN user will have two great options available: Create, design and configure their own structures or select a predesigned structure from the Markets Templates Catalog


Business logic will reside in the component. Through the Configurator of each component, ADMIN user will define the behavior, the source of information that will be presented and the structure in which it will be presented

Components or widgets are instances of encapsulated, generic and reusable code that solve a specific functionality and can occupy any region of any structure. All this can be configured by ADMIN user. The decoupling will be absolute and any publication may be presented within the framework of any structure, located in any area and published under any type of grouping


IAMaaS will be the point of integration of new services to the Model

It will allow to manage different processes and procedures that will make it possible to integrate new services to the Platform, interoperable and self-provisioning to be published for consumption in “as a Service” mode -once again the trust relationship is guaranteed according to the process described below-


ADMIN user configures the scope policies and behavior rules

Then, he decides to what extent it will allow END users freedom so that they can define the business models that they will apply to their own services. Consequently, ADMIN user will define the degrees of freedom that your Organization offers to its suppliers and consumers and will be able to do so by applying policies ranging from very restrictive options to absolute freedom




With ChainMaker Platform you will find all the amenities to start your trip, millions of consumers are waiting to hear from you ! 

we are the vehicle... join us !