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pillars of strategic development

The consolidation of the INTERNET as a phenomenal means of communication and integration of people and societies has decisively contributed to the impressive advance of technologies and well-being models, unimaginable until just two decades ago.


In this context, innumerable models have emerged, many of them of big value, although -in our opinion-, three have been the most prominent paradigms in terms of enabling access to opportunities and which have ultimately allowed the concept of "business democratization ”, since it has offered small companies those capabilities that until before their appearance were only reserved for hugh organizations: CLOUD COMPUTING, BLOCKCHAIN AND FINTECH


ChainMaker is constituted in the granular Technological Platform, parameterizable, scalable and able to offering services in an industrial way in a framework of participatory and collaborative Social Intelligence; Based on the three great paradigms, it is articulated on a layered model, which takes advantage of the most advanced information and communication technologies to optimize operational efficiency and maximize the quality of its services

ChainMaker adopts the philosophy of Cloud Computing Model, and bases its strategy on the innumerable advantages that the offer of things as a service "anything as a service" presents: the virtualization of infrastructures, flexibility, scalability, offshoring... although, without a doubt, one of the most relevant characteristics of the Model is interoperability.


Standards management acquires a fundamental role in the creation and sharing of knowledge as a basis for integration, not only technological, but also in the modeling of business processes and organizational interaction. Whoever does not have the ability to share data, exchange information and knowledge, or integrate with other sources, will see their competitive capacity inexorably reduced and must assume the risk of being permanently isolated.


On-demand access, strict payment per use, almost unlimited access to an enormous mass of resources and services, the sharing of production sources, or the formidable capabilities it provides, imply “the great evolution in the way of offering services” and represents a true “supply revolution



Everything that happens from this point on, will happen in BlockChain, that's why ChainMaker has incorporated it into their underlying infrastructure


Whoever dominates BlockChain... will master the "Rules of Trust", BlockChain technology is based on the registry of distributed transactions, arranged in CORRELATIVE BLOCKS CHAINED, immutable, shared and replicated in real time in all locations (NODES) connected on the NETWORK through Internet services, eliminating the need for a third party to establish connections with each other. They all have the same information, therefore, the trust rules are validated by the community itself, guaranteeing the security, transparency and reliability of any transaction


In BlockChain Model, the focal point is the management and control of NODES. Therefore, the ChainMaker Platform provides the ability to create and manage Own Infrastructures and deploy distributed applications that allow executing transactions dependent on smart rules



FinTech means in practice the redefinition of the financial system and therefore a repositioning of the entire value chain of the services offered by this sector;  fostered by the superlative role that Technology currently acquires as a facilitator of the disintermediation process that is transforming the activity of the traditional actors of the Financial Sector derived from “Cloud Services


ChainMaker has focused its effort on the redesign of Traditional Systems in order to play a key role in promoting and improving the competitiveness of Financial Institutions and in the development of the sector from the FinTech perspective, adopting as basic principles in its value proposition its transversal rol in shaping business models of any industry, which means that all actors are better informed, can take holistic decision, have improve forecasting abilities that allow minimizing risks and guaranteeing compliance frameworks in which to operate


ChainMaker has based its strategy on the application of innovative technologies and has developed Horizontal Services Components that makes it possible to meet financial needs oriented to innovatives payments methods and interoperation with the most prestigious payment bridges, thus contributing to accelerate the development of projects, promoting the competitiveness and transparency and improving the cconsumers's experience

chainmaker development environment

Platform provides an operational environment that allows managing the end-to-end Creation, Development and Publication Process whether it's about Products, Professional Services or Application

One of the most outstanding characteristics is It has a procedure, called ChainMaker App2Cloud, that allows you to "cloud" pre-existing applications. The main advantage that App2Cloud provides is that all those who have pre-existing Systems and who need to reconvert to the Cloud Computing-BlockChain Model, can reuse the existing code and drastically shorten the cycle of effort to evolve the Technological Model


It means that applying this technique will allow us to “reconvert” traditional web-type applications and integrate them into the Platform as a new self-provisioning service





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