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Development of Territories and Economic Sectors
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Oriented to the deployment of platforms and infrastructures under Cloud Computing philosophy and supply of digital services for institutions, companies and citizens, promoting new forms of organization and collaboration


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#enBolsa Project - Gastronomic Sector
ConnecTVty Project Television Media Sector

#enBolsa Project is oriented towards the development of a new manufacturing, acquisition and consumption model



On the one hand, it offers the RESTORER new ways to elaborate, package and commercialize its products, it changes the traditional model of location economy for the access economy model, adapting to the effective use time required by users and making the spatial location of the same


On the other hand, it offers the CLIENT a new consumer experience in which they will find the satisfaction that, currently, traditional delivery has no possibility of providing



ver see Digital version #enBolsa Deck



Born from the idea of Second Screen (the consumption of content on TV accompanied by a second screen, such as a Smartphone or Tablet, simultaneously, dividing the consumer's attention between the two screens)



ConnecTVty manages to redirect the attention of users towards the content that interests them, causing engagement to increase exponentially.


While laying the foundations of the user-brand relationship in a positive environment, allowing anti-fraud control of the content that is reproduced



see Digital version ConnecTVty Deck



Development of Territories and Economic Sectors

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